Co-sponsored Metallurgical Equipment Conference in Dalian


Co-sponsored Metallurgical Equipment Conference in Dalian

Date: 2013-11-15

The metallurgy equipment branch of Chinese society for metals’ first conference of second session “Academic Conference of Metallurgical Equipment’s Design” was successfully held in Dalian from October 25th to 27th, 2013.

This conference was hosted by the metallurgy equipment branch of Chinese society for metals, organized by Capital Engineering & Research Incorporation Ltd. (CERI) and co-organized by Dalian Grandway Bearing Co., LTD. This conference was enthusiastically participated and supported by national major iron and steel designing institute, design institute and university of metallurgical industry related enterprises, China metallurgical equipment web and related equipment supporting manufacturers. 41 companies and 89 committee members and representatives participate in this conference.

The conference started on October 26th, hosted by Li Hongbo, CERI’s steel rolling department manager. Professor Guan Kezhi, the metallurgy equipment branch of Chinese society for metals’ secretary general, read out the detailed requirement for the conference and briefly introduced the metallurgical equipment design academic activity and China metallurgical equipment web.

CISDI Engineering Co., Ltd. (CISDI)’s vice-general manager Xiao Peng, CERI’s vice-president Li Longnan, YWY’s general manager Liu Yuli made speeches respectively at the event. Zheng Caigang and WangQin reviewed and summarized the history of metallurgical equipment design academic activity and expressed their thanks for those who enthusiastically participated and supported this event.

To promote the level of metallurgical equipments’ design, standing vice – president of Chinese society for metals, Wang Tianyi, gave the report of “Thinking about Chinese Steel Situation and Countermeasures”.

Chairman of Metallurgical Equipment Branch Xu Jintong gave the report of “Metallurgical Engineering Technology Subject Development Report, 2012-2013, the Metallurgical Machinery and Automation Project Report - Metallurgical Machinery Field”.

To expanding technical exchange, conference was arranged bellowing presentations. Vice-general Manager of CERI’s steel rolling department Lan Xing made the presentation of “New CPE Units- a Kind of Economical and Environmental Seamless Tube Production Units”. Executive Deputy Director of Yan Shan University’s manufacture equipment and process engineering technology research center Ren Pengyan made the presentation of “Controlling of the Plate and Strip Rolling Process’s High Speed, Stability and Reliability”. Vice-general Manager of Chong Qing CISDI Li Ke made the presentation of “To be the International Renown, Customers’ First Choice Mechanical Equipment Engineering Company”. Steel Rolling Department Manager of WISDRI Engineering & Research Incorporation Limited (WISDRI) Ding Wenhong made the presentation of “Search from Customers’ Demand, Promotes the Industry’s Upgrading Development with Technological Innovation”. Executive Deputy Director of Tai Yuan University’s Heavy Mechanical Engineering Education Center Zhou Cunlong made the presentation of “Straightening theory in the application of the equipment manufacturing”.

After strict selection, the 46 theses collected in this conference was graded as 8 first prise, 10 second prize and 12 third prize.

In the conference, the other participant companies also delivered speeches and respectively introduced their products’ research and development situation. Meanwhile, the China metallurgical equipment web introduced the running condition of its on-line website.

The participating representatives also gave comments and exchanged ideas about the current steel industry’s unfavorable market environment. To face this challenge of the steel industry, the steel enterprises shall adopt a positive attitude analyzing the situation and looking for countermeasures.

Next conference shall be hold by CISDI. Hope the participant units will give positive responses, submitting higher level theses and suggestions to promote the society to a next higher level.

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